You, Me & Swinging

Katie and Cody's journey into an alternative lifestyle!


Episode 11

Published on:

19th Apr, 2021

Episode 9

Published on:

6th Apr, 2021

Episode 8

Published on:

30th Mar, 2021

Episode 7

Published on:

23rd Mar, 2021

Episode 6

Published on:

15th Mar, 2021

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About the Podcast

You, Me & Swinging
A couples journey into a alternative lifestyle
Stepping out of the norm is scary, and it's even scarier doing it alone. Thats why we, as a couple, have decided to share our experiences, journey , conflicts, and everything else we encounter along the way living in the swinger-lifestyle. As well as having guest from other various lifestyles, and making friends we'd never thought we'd expect! Talking about our sexual lives has been frowned upon as a society so we are here to help change that mindset!